Contributor: +rosebud
Discipline: Release
Title: Finally

Finally. Production is finished. Books are on the way to the booksellers. Launch parties are organized all over the world. Now everyone gets a piece of the ACTION.

+rosebud is the product of the joint efforts, creativity and relentless faith of our contributors:

Enrico Bravi, Christian Buchner, Alexander Chitsazan, Kurt Cornelis, Dr. Jerry Cullum, Janusz Daga, Die Krieger des Lichts, Matthias Egersdörfer & Timo Reger, Alexander Egger, Silja Götz, Kojo Griffin, Ulf Harr, Ralf Herms, Fons M. Hickmann, Thomas Hilland, Prof. Peter Krüll, Yasuhide Kuge, Pedro M. Lopez, Fritz T. Magistris, Robert McEwan, mashica, Nekada, Arnold Odermatt, Christina Osburg, Tiziana Panizza , <peach>, Lisa Prichard, Axel Prichard-Schmitzberger, sensomatic, Nataliya Slinko, spin, Christoph Steinegger, Katherine Taylor, Oliver Tissot, Peter Turtschi, Charlie White

+rosebud no.4 reading values:

- Interactive Poster
- Unique Thumb Punch
- Removable Flip Book
- ACTION Sticker Page
- Strictly Limited Edition

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